Friday, March 9, 2007

A testimoanial from Hacienda El Gato:

A near-spam email from OWC Larry reminds Malcolm of a significant change in his life-style of late.

Until recently, Malcolm had to divert a significant element of the elf-force to the care and maintenance of television reception. This particularly occurred when the cable and/or Freeview system were misbehaving, pixellating or generally failing to deliver the regular soap for Malcolm's inamorata.

Then, it was prezzie time (anniversary? Christmas? birthday? — it's only money). In a moment of inspiration, one of the elfish escorts suggested an Elgato. This was:
  • received with some enthusiasm (unlike so many of Malcolm's other attempts, when the sales-slip was instantly demanded);
  • put into use;
  • delivered an immediate signal;
  • and, in combination with Ma'am's MacBook, would happily record all and every key event in the on-going crises of Weatherfield and London E20;
  • and, thus, a marvellous lubricant to absence from the home-patch.
Here's the report in technoese from the Chief SysElf:
You plug it into the USB-port, you program the episodes, you bugger off. Great. But the little sod gets bloody hot.
And, as Malcolm can testify, it works in so many ways. All good. Just make sure there is an adequate supply of CD-Rs and DVD-Rs. Sphere: Related Content

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