Friday, March 9, 2007

Getting the Assembly Elections in proportion (Channel 4 style):

In case anyone was getting swollen-headed about how important Stormont looms in the state of things, Malcolm took note of the running-order for tonight's Channel 4 News:
  • British hostages in Ethiopia/Eritrea;
  • The US "surge" in Bagdad;
  • LBC exploiting premium telephone charges;
  • The EU summit on global warming;
  • "Now back for a summary":
    • Northern Ireland elections;
    • Scots Tories;
    • Junior doctors;
    • Winslet libel;
    • "Borat"
    • FTSE and currencies.
  • CPS and Spectator: possible legal action over cash-for-honours enquiry;
  • Adams supercrook.
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