Thursday, March 8, 2007

Sammy does it better:

It's Election-count Day for the Assembly. The waffling of the "pundits" on the "official" channels stretches into a yawn of boredom: they haven't got a clue. And, under the wire, here comes Sammy Morse, laying it out for us. If anybody does not understand Proportional Representation, and how it adds pepper to the adrenalin, this is a good primer.

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yourcousin said...

I hate to admit it but I followed this election closer and cared more than I ever do locally. So I would like to second your applause for Sammy Morse and his constituency reports which served as a welcomed and objective analysis.

I am curious about the SDLP though. They ran what seemed like a good solid campaign. Durkan appeared confident and they were the darlings of the media and the Southern establishment (though I doubt Kenny really did them any favors).

While I think SF activists are rightfully enjoying the fruits of a well fought campaign, I hope they take to heart some of the issues from this election. Namely there will be a time when they a ceiling of sorts and that the super council elections (in May?) will be another arena in which the dissidents (or independent republicans if you prefer) to challenge them.

PS Malcolm, I've been reading about an elf robbing a lingerie shop. You wouldn't know anything about that would you?

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