Monday, March 26, 2007

Malcolm has a chortle:

The elves have had it easy of late. Even on his return, Malcolm was quiescent. However, things are stirring.

There was a snort of mirth as the on-line edition of the Washington Post arrived in his in-box, in particular the opening paragraph of a story by Michael D. Shear:
New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, a self-made billionaire, has told friends more than once that his definition of good financial planning is making sure the check to the undertaker bounces when it's finally time to go.
Bloomberg, it should be recalled, is the 44th in the Forbes American rich list (and 94th in the world).

As for the rest of the article, suggesting that Bloomberg is looking to nominate himself as an independent candidate for the 2008 Republican election, at a personal cost of $500M, Malcolm mutters, "Norfolk enchants". Appropriately, Malcolm notes, Bloomberg's denial (or non-denial denial) was issued by:
Stu Loeser, Bloomberg's press secretary.
The elves eye each other, and speculate on these cryptic comments. Sphere: Related Content

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