Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Comms failure?

For much of the day, the BBC has been running an apology for a breakdown in feed.

Did Malcolm miss it, or was the usual PMQ feed gone AWOL?

Is this at all related to the story that Private Eye has been serialising about the "Digital Media Initiative" out-sourced to Siemens ? That involved the Beeb coughing £2 billion over ten years for Siemens to take over BBC Technology. MPs soon discovered that 60% of the new operations were delayed or went significantly over budget. There then were discrepancies in the reporting of the alleged "savings". The BBC DG had to generate a new oversight board, chaired by himself: in effect recovering the thing back in-house.

Those of us who have just coughed our annual licence fee need to be told. Sphere: Related Content

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