Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This isn't just beer ...

The occasional reader of Malcolm's maunderings might recall the auld fella's penchant for Adnam's Broadside. This is advertised as
a premium bitter like no other.
Well, not quite.

Among the limited, but competent beer offerings by Marks and Spencer is Southwold Winter Beer. It specifically recognises its parentage: the collar tag identifies Adams (not that Southwold is wall-to-wall with brewers) and the back label refers to the Broadside heritage.

Malcolm finds it a thoroughly adequate drink, particularly for toasting toes before an open fire this dank, gloomy London evening. Protz and Cannavan say:
The copper-red beer is brewed with four malts and has oak, burnt fruit, smoky malt, dark chocolate and peppery hops on the nose. Raisin and sultana fruit dominate the palate with bitter hop resins and roasted grain. Tart fruit, roast malt and good hop bitterness combine in the long finish with a continuing hint of chocolate.
Yeah ... right.

About the only thing wrong is that it's not Broadside. The hint is the declared alcohol value: this is 4% against Broadside's 4.7%. So, a side-by-side comparison, shows this M&S effort lacking a trifle of depth. And Tesco charge £1.59 (40p less) for the real McCoy. Sphere: Related Content

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