Sunday, January 3, 2010

Shafting the Leader

Notice Ken Clarke's glorious up'n'under?

It went like this:
Ken Clarke says Tories cannot rule out putting up taxes

A Conservative government would not rule out raising taxes in order to shrink the UK's soaring deficit, shadow minister Ken Clarke has said.
That ran as the BBC website's political lead all day, smothering Cameron's anodyne stream of clichés for the New year re-launch which rose to the dizzy heights of number 13 on the Mail's list of stories -- and didn't raise a twitch with the Torygraph.

Bet that had them really chuffed at Tory HQ.

Well done, the people's (other) Ken! Sphere: Related Content


Dewi Harries said...

Malcolm - is this here for good?

Malcolm Redfellow said...


Call it a definite maybe.

For the previous couple of days, Wordpress had been accepting headlines, but losing the rest of the text. No explanation. Couldn't find a wriggle-round.

Admittedly things were complicated by the ISP (VirginMedia) apparently putting in the choke for extended periods. Redfellow Hovel is an all-Mac household, and at times over the last fortnight we had no fewer than five machines looking for a share of the action: wife, three daughters, son-in-law and me. Bandwidth was an issue, one which should now be resolved by returns-home. The Wordpress problem remains.

Meanwhile Blogger has taken the hump about uploading graphics.

This bunny bounceth not with bliss.

Regards to you and yours. I've liked your posts on Slugger of late.

Oh, and you were quite right about Nine Dragons: formulaic and predictable. Even the change of scene didn't make up for the obvious tiredness.

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