Thursday, October 1, 2009

Things not to say (number 94)

It is three days before the vote on the Referendum. You are billed to speak at the UCD Law Society on the Lisbon Treaty. The Chair is Bertie Ahern. It's in the vast O'Reilly Hall. Primetime and RTÉ are recording it. No Dublin journo of a political bent will miss this one. They've signed up a speaker from every main interest group: all the main (and less so) parties, Ganley himself, Cóir, ... This is stellar stuff.

Mission Impossible

Your task, should you chose to accept it, is to be Mary Lou McDonald (right, as the ventriloquist's dummy). Once you were Sinn Féin's golden girl: now the gilt's wearing off, and the guilt's showing through. Your seven minutes comes immediately after Ross Maguire of Generation Yes. He plays a stormer. This is a young feller (and a movement) to watch.

Now, you, Mary Lou, rise and begin:
Call me a simple soul, but ...
End to end, O'Reilly Hall resonates to a snort: part recognition, part total dismissal.

Cometh the hour ...

Cometh the man.

To rub salt in the wound, following poor little lost Mary Lou, up strides Garret Fitzgerald, heading into his ninth decade, but still capable of that machine-gun delivery. If Maguire rocked them, and McDonald lost them, Garret socked them and slew them. They loved it.


Boylesports, the bookies, have already paid out on the assumption that it will be "Yes". Paddy Power is now soliciting bets on the percentage of "Yes" votes: as of writing the odds are:
Yes 55%+ - 60%: 11/4
Yes 60%+ - 65%: 5/4
Yes 65%+ - 70%: 5/2.
It's all over bar the tallying? Sphere: Related Content


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