Friday, October 16, 2009

Apple-pie order and world peace

Seriously something wrong

... with the world.

Who would have thought that Pravda would (in ascending order of incredulity):
  • be on-line?
  • be quite readable?
  • feature a "Miss Plastic Surgery"— forgive the snort, as Malcolm struggles for the next word — "beauty" parade?
  • be quite witty about it (as above)?

There has to be a rational explanation for such an aberration.

Ah, yes! Here it is, at the bottom of each page: © AP

Scratch a bit further, though, and the pancake make-up flakes off:
Russia Officially Declares Right to Nuke Potential Aggressor
They got it right first time: the usually conspicuous wishes for world peace went missing. Sphere: Related Content

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