Monday, March 23, 2009

Florentine Malcolm

So, Malcolm, some days no see. Where've you been?

Still am. Here's a clue:

Oh, Il Duomo! What's it like?

Bloody hard work. Four hundred and eighty steps all the way to the cupola.

But why no covering note? No book-mark, no not-so-good and not-so-great, number 10? No message to your expectant public?

Because Saturday evening's game went down to the last second. Because the lads did the Slam, But, because, most of all I watched the game in the Irish Club, in Blackfriars. I sailed home on a euphoric Guinness cloud; and needed to be at the airport for a midday flight on Sunday.

OK, Malcolm: take care!

A più tardi.

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1 comment:

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