Wednesday, March 4, 2009

... but, first, the view from Knocknamuckly

For the last few weeks this blog has been prefaced by a word of wisdom taken from Pat Quinn, the 41st Governor of the Great State of Illinois. Working on the thesis that anyone must be a qualitative improvement on the despicable Blagojevich, Malcolm was glad to borrow from the Mighty Quinn.

Enter Milady Amarintha, la Châtelaine de Knocknamuckly.

It was towards the end of a very pleasant evening in Sax on the Street (yes, indeed, there is night-life and fine dining in Gilford). A fair quantum of both red and white had been consumed. Milady Aramintha took issue with Governor Quinn. She opined that, when it came to dusting, a peacock's feather was as nothing compared to the pluckings from a hen's arse.

Expect to hear more from Milady Aramintha.

And Knocknamuckly?

Take the Bleary Road, off the A50 Gilford Road, just past Portadown Golf Course, and it's clearly posted. When you pass the Church (above), you've probably gone too far.

Meanwhile, Malcolm seeks a new motto to head this blog. Sphere: Related Content

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