Saturday, February 21, 2009

Malcolm gets lippy

This gorgeous thing has been illustrating reviews over the last few weeks:

Wall Street Journal featured it, back on 5th January. It is here again in the 2nd March issue of Time magazine.

It could have made in the ateliers of the early Twentieth Century, and be appearing in a Cubist exhibition. The shape is uncannily like a flamingo, especially John Tenniel's drawings for Alice in Wonderland.

In fact, it emerged from an archaeological excavation in Anatolia.

It is, incredibly, over three and a half millennia old.

For a few more days it can been seen at the New York Met's current show: Beyond Babylon: Art, Trade and Diplomacy in the Second Millennium, BC.

Apart from admiring it, Malcolm mentions it here because he takes lip-smacking alliterative delight in enunciating its title:
Spouted Hittite vessel.
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