Friday, February 13, 2009

Some day soon

The BBC Folk America series has been a lodestone for Malcolm's life the last couple of weekends.

Tonight he watched the second evening's concert from the Barbican. The first night (broadcast last week) had been Seasick Steve introducing a series of decent performers. Tonight was the second concert, with Billy Bragg linking. The theme was "Greenwich Village" recherché. The notion was to go back to Washington Square and environs in the early Sixties.

Fair enough.

Thanks to mortality, too many of the main actors were missing, though Bragg managed to connect a capella with the afterlife in I Dreamed I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night.

The natural termination of the hour was Judy Collins, the original Judy Blue Eyes. She did Both Sides Now, but for Malcolm that should for ever be the divine Jodi Mitchell: he still has the original LP in the attic, and hums along each time each comes into land from a westbound trans-Atlantic flight:

Just before the encore Judy Collins did Some Time Soon. So, switch onto reprise mode, go back half a century, and enjoy:

God! She was gorgeous. But we all were, then.

It (and we) didn't get any better. Sphere: Related Content

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