Thursday, October 11, 2007

The plump gentleman hasn't sung yet

The Newsletter is again running the story:
MP David Simpson has made an application at Parliament for an adjournment debate, where he plans to name a senior Sinn Fein member as a British spy and allege they were protected from prosecution in a murder inquiry.
The DUP man has put down a motion on 'Policing The Past In Northern Ireland'.
Simpson is, to be precise, alleging that:
... the Sinn Fein politician was involved in plotting the murder of his cousin, Frederick Lutton, near Moy in 1979.
This issue has been running for several months now; and so far Simpson has refused to name the person involved in the death of his cousin. He has, however, been adept in keeping the pot on the bubble.

All kinds of hints have been dropped: the unnamed killer is a "leading Sinn Fein member", and "a member of the Assembly". We have also been told he was one of those questioned at the time, because he lived close to the murder spot, etc.

cryptome put out a name on 20th August, which is known to the Sunday Times and most other media sources.

If it is of any help to other seekers of the truth, Malcolm recommends a visit to an earlier story from the Newsletter, dated the 23rd August:
MLA Francie Molloy has said he is taking legal advice, after a number of websites claimed he was the Sinn Fein man that the DUP will name in Parliament as a British agent who conspired in murder.

The veteran republican has said: “I am talking to my solicitors about it and they are handling it.
The real future interest in all this lies in whether the DUP hierarchs can continue to suppress Simpson, whose motives are mixed, but who was pointedly left out of the sweetie share-out of Stormont jobs and titles; and has a strong and consistent record on opposition to the power-sharing arrangements. Sphere: Related Content

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