Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Reasons to be depressed...


A Tory aide has been suspended after posting a photograph of a blacked-up woman colleague on a social networking website.

Philip Clarke, who works in Parliament for the former Attorney General Lord Lyell, called the woman a "N***** Minstrel" alongside the picture on Facebook...

In a direct reference to Ann Winterton, the Tory MP sacked from the front bench after telling a racist joke, Mr Clarke wrote: "Emma's career in politics lies in tatters after she follows Ann Winterton's lead and dresses as a 'N***** Minstrel' for the Tory Black and White Ball."

[Source: The Daily Mail, 2nd October, 2007: a similar story appeared in the Daily Mirror.]


"More spurious allegations of racism."

Headline on report of above on Conservativehome. Notice use of word "spurious".


Tickets for the annual Conservative "Black and White Ball" run out at £300 a go.


Iain Dale lists "the Right's 100 most influential" for the Daily Telegraph:

48. Nigel Farage MEP. Leader, UKIP
50. Sir Andrew Green. Director, MigrationWatch.
67. Neil O'Brien. Director, Open Europe.
68. Madsen Pirie, Director, Adam Smith Institute.
79. Douglas Murray. Director, Centre for Social Cohesion.
Source: The Daily Telegraph, October 1st and October 2nd, 2007. More due on October 3rd.

And even more depressing:
some four dozen nominations for Escaped-the-Nick Griffin of the BNP in the "comments" slot. Sphere: Related Content

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