Friday, September 14, 2007

This is Blog number 250, of Malcolm Redfellow revivus.

Malcolm was given the Doctor Frankenstein-treatment and renewed his mouthing off, just a year ago.

Has it changed the planet? Did all those little electrons whizz round the cybersphere to any effect, however small?

Is it, indeed, a Brave New World since he came back to be in it?

Let him review the hit-list:
  • David Cameron brought to earth with a minuscule pharp! Check.
  • Some kind of normal civility and much chumminess established in Northern Ireland. Check.
  • The total moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the 43rd President of the United States, all his adherents and all his works, exposed. Check.
  • Supplies of real ale maintained in all key watering holes across North London and the galaxy. Check.
  • The sheer nonsense that is Formula One motor-racing derided and reduced to the irrelevance it should properly be. Check. (Curiously, this posting last March, one of Malcolm's briefest, seemed to attract as much attention and agreement as any).
  • Democratic socialism established across the known globe. Errr ... not quite yet.
So much still to do! Onwards and upwards! Nil bastardi carborundum! Sphere: Related Content

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