Monday, September 24, 2007

The Nasty Party

Since the earlier effort today, Malcolm has realised whodunit:
Labour Historian Brian Brivati and [Iain Dale] have compiled a big feature for the Telegraph website which has just gone live.
Fair enough. No problems so far.

Scroll down the subsequent comments on Dale's page, and we find this:
Geoff said...

If I had a sniper rifle with 21 bullets then you've made a magnificent list. I'd need the extra bullet just to make really sure of Polly Toynbee. There's a big risk that you'd miss her tiny brain the first time around.

Make that 143 bullets.

If I read the additional 80 entries then I'd be looking for a machine gun so for the sake of my blood pressure I won't click on the link.
Well, thank you, Geoff at 10.12 p.m. last night: you've confirmed something. And it isn't your numeracy. Sphere: Related Content

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