Friday, June 22, 2007

Malcolm tends to stand aside...
...when bandwagons roll, but here comes an exception.

The story in essence:
  • Damien Mulley runs a scrap-book blog out of Cork, mainly by lifting YouTube clips.
  • Then his bag went missing on a flight. He got nowhere with the baggage company, Sky Handling Partners, who repeatedly fed him total crap, even bald lies.
  • Mulley went ballistic, and used his blog to vent his feelings about the company and SAS (Scandinavian Airlines).
  • Someone, apparently lurking behind Sky Handlers' former name (City Jet Handling) and IP address ( signed Mulley up for gay-dating websites.
  • Mulley went public.
  • Sky Handling Partners issued a legal demand that Mulley take down the two "offending" posts.
  • Mulley put a third post, including:
I will not be taking the blog posts down.

This is my first takedown notice. I’m framing it and replacing my framed copy of Joan Burton in her pink suit with that on the shrine. Sorry Joan, the fickle tastes of bloggers. It was nice though. Really.

  • Mulley's hits went from a few hundred to 47,000 a day (hmm ... if only). It twice crashed his server.
  • The latest news is:
It seems Sky Handling Partners have called the Gardai too. They also chastised me on my use of bad language. Yes, really! How many people have ever seen a solicitor’s letter than contains the word cunt at least three times?
And it's been 35 long years since Arkell v. Pressdram.

Malcolm is on board on this bandwagon, rooting for Mulley. By one of those coincidences that aren't, Malcolm remembers a small flow of gutter abuse when he pointed out that there was an unhealthy and often financial relationship between the constabulary and the feral media.

As L/Cpl Jack Jones had it: "They don't like it up 'em". Sphere: Related Content


Omaniblog said...


I happened across you while reading the Mulley saga. Your legal reference caught my eye. I used to think I was the oldest blogger until I found 'Grandad'. Now it looks as if you might be even older than him, if you were in Trinity in the early sixties?

"Malcolm" said...


Yes, indeed: between 1961 and 1965 the identity behind the transparent "Malcolm" had the time of "his" life in TCD, O'Neills in Suffolk Street, and similar dens of iniquity. "He" may even have attended the occasional lecture, written the odd (some very odd) essays, for which "he" was even credited with a degree.

And the Mulley business is a doozy. As is the Bev Flynn shenanigans (

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