Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's deja-vu all over again

Sez Yogi Berra.

But, seriously. Every good leftie should give a few minutes to the Tory bloggers over the defection of Quentin Davis. Especially one entry on Iain Dales' Diary.

Let's go back, in the first instance, just a few hours. Quentin Davis crossed over to the Labour benches. Good idea, Long overdue. etc. etc.

The Tory Party in Lincolnshire, and then the Thatcherite neo-Stalinist bloggers nationwide went incandescent. Surprise, surprise. Except the demand for a by-election in such circumstances is a trifle redundant.

Next Iain Dale ("Tha's gotta kno' wha' t'enemy's thinkin'!" And thank you, cousin Ralph) posted this:

Is Another Tory MP About to Jump Ship
At which point the dykes broke. The following were named in added comments as possible defectors:
Yawn, etc. etc.

Malcolm takes the view that all this leads to two obvious conclusions:
  • The civil war in the Tory Party continues, less obvious, but unabating;
  • This is horribly reminiscent of the Labour Party in the early 1980s.
At least, thank goodness, we can rely on a stable, determined party in Government. Ahem.


As for the graphic at the he
ad of this post, you all knew it was Dali. It is called Premonition of Civil War. Sphere: Related Content

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