Friday, June 15, 2007

The 30m high club

Some kudos is due, thinks Malcolm, to the unnamed couple who made it to and at the top of the crane:

Sex romp in crane cab halted by cop

Police went to the construction site to investigate Saturday night after bystanders spotted the couple climbing into the cab of the crane. An officer's command to come down was followed by a naked foot popping over the railing, police said.

The officer noted the couple then got dressed and climbed down.

The man, who worked at the site and had keys to the crane, told police officers he was photographing the city skyline.

Thanks to the Miami Herald (home base of the marvellously-inventive Carl Hiaasen) for that, and for suggesting that, even amid the lunacy that is southern Florida, truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Sphere: Related Content

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