Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Malcolm Redfellow learns something new every day ...

Tuesday, 9th March, 2010: did we really need to know that?

Today is the birthday of Barbara Millicent Roberts, born 9th March 1959.

She is better known as Barbie.

Today is also:

Baron Bliss Day in Belize. No connection with "Lord" Ashcroft of Sleaze.

The Day celebrates the death of Suffolk-man
Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss (who seemed to have created his title for himself. He made a fortune in oil shares, contracted polio, and set off for the Caribbean in a yacht. He found Honduras (now Belize) so suited to his health, he remained moored at Belize, never left his yacht, but on his death, 84 years ago today, left the people of Belize $2 million. This financed arts and culture.

Definitely no connection with "Lord" Ashcroft of Sleaze. Except for the dubious title. Sphere: Related Content

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