Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Malcolm doesn't learn anything new ...

This evening Farce First Minister Peter Robinson is on the defence against accusations of sharp practice over land dealings:
According to an investigation by the BBC's Newsline programme, the land deal enabled the Robinsons to sell part of their back garden for nearly £460,000.

They sold the land for £5 to a different developer, allowing the deal for their garden to go through.

The DUP has accused the BBC of a smear campaign against Mr Robinson.
There will, of course, be the conventional denunciation by the DUP press office.

Only a few weeks back, the Belfast Telegraph was asking questions about ther better part of a quarter million involved a Robinson daughter. The Tele was on the receiving end of a similar response:

The DUP has reacted angrily to questions from this newspaper on the Dundonald property and other issues including planning-related lobbying by Mrs Robinson.

It claimed: “Belfast Telegraph Newspapers continues its despicable campaign against the First Minister. By lies, smears and innuendo it attempts to besmirch his name ..."

The DUP obviously has a bulk order with Tippex. Just change the name of the inquisitive party, and send.

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