Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Up yours, Hannan!

Thank you, Jim Morin, of the Miami Herald, for that. Taut, pointed and excellent, as always.

There's one obvious reposte to the preposterous posturings of Daniel Hannan, MEP, now so loudly bewailing that his holiday in Dax has been interrupted, so he cannot enjoy the local feria. Of course, were one to harken to Hannan on matters europolitical, one might readily assume that the life of an MEP was one long holiday and feria.

For those denied a classical education, a feria was (and is):
A day on which the people, especially the slaves, were not obliged to work, and on which there were no court sessions.
Nice to know that, in some subconscious corner of a Hannan braincell, the world still embraces slaves and the free.

His maths aren't up to much either: he lauds the Singaporean health system (half-state, half-capitalist) because it comes in cheap. He quickly skips over one point: in Singapore only 8.3% of the population are 65+, whereas in the UK it's at the top end of the teens, and will be 20% by the end of the next decade. Ignorant comparisons are, as always, odious.

One further thought on the nauseating Hannan: does he carry a British passport? If so, why? For, it says here:
Hannan was born into an Irish family in Lima, Peru.
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