Sunday, August 23, 2009

A great day at the Oval ... but woo-hoo
Malcolm writes the following in recognition that a cousin was a "professional" on two MCC tours of Australia, and even has the odd street named there in his honour.
We've had several weeks of Sky TV and roadside posters telling us how significant the England-Australia cricket tournament was. Can' t think what the Murdoch interest amounted to here, beyond exclusive rights.

That said, and the inevitable Victory bus-top tour around London taken for granted, we have a classist problem.

Britain (i.e. the English authorities) populated Australia from prisons and felons. Most of the transportees (including, doubtfully, Malcolm's distant x-times uncle -- a second offender for poaching) got there on a one-way ticket.

On that basis it becomes something more than a national competition.

It becomes retribution, class-warfare, revenge.

Yet, this was a good game:
  • A moderate score on the first innings:
  • a curious collapse thereafter;
  • a decent performance in response for the third innings;
  • an honourable fourth innings against an impossible target.
Enough to fill seats for four days, though never likely to feature among the greatest games of all-time.

All that remains to be answered is whether a good leftie should be cheering for home or away. Sphere: Related Content

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