Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Day in the Life

Wake up
(did we have to open that second bottle
last night?).
Look out (another grey day).
First mug of coffee.
Ah! Nice.

Door bell rings: builders have arrived.

Second mug.
Check email.
Dewi Harries comments on the previous post.
It's a link to a good little YouTube of the Beatles.
A Day in the Life.
Always better with visuals.
RS reckons number 26 of all time,

The margarine between
God Only Knows
(Andy Lippincott gone before)

Reckon they had those three

Making judgements all ready.
Coffee taking effect.
Things looking up.

I'm alive.
Electric nailer slamming away.
Life goes on.

As Clapton always says:
Thank you!

Fog, Tog, Slog, Blog, God!

[The painting at the top of this post is Blue grey day, Wells, 2007, by Peg Morris. It rings Malcolm's bell. And that of anyone else who has looked north from Wells Harbour, towards East Hills, across that haze of morning mist and sea-lavender.]
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1 comment:

yourcousin said...

What the hell is an electric nailer? Can we become privy to the renovations taking place at the hovel?

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