Sunday, March 30, 2008

A not-too-difficult question

The estimable Carolyn Kay at the equally worthy MakeThemAccountable continues to plough a lonely furrow, pointing out the anti-Clinton bias in the US media.

This side of the Atlantic we do not have such ready access to more balanced versions, so we tend to take at face value much of the poison served up. For example, the almost-recent Pew Poll, showing Obama with a commanding lead among Democrats, was taken as a profound, indisputable and even final word.

However, thanks to Caroline, Malcolm was able to make comparisons. This came, ultimately, from D. Cupples at Buck Naked Politics under the promising title Presidential Primary Polls Conflict: Pick the One You Like?

Gallup Rasmussen NBC/WSJ Pew Fox
Mar 24-26 Mar 23-26 Mar 24-25 Mar 19-22 Mar 18-19
Clinton 44% 46% 45% 39% 40%
Obama 48% 44% 45% 49% 38%
Other/Undecided 8% 10% 10% 12% 22%

In other words, only one poll, and that the earliest, is seriously out of line. And all the others put the two candidates well within any margin of error.

However, guess which one fitted the political line being pursued by the right-wing UK Press? And therefore got the publicity?
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