Sunday, February 17, 2008

There now follows
a service announcement

Malcolm's equivalent of Jiminy Cricket is Our American Cousin.

OAC keeps Malcolm on the straight-and-narrow through occasional, but always pertinent questions and comments.

One of his more recent was to wonder why Malcolm was running a parallel blog on Wordpress.

A good question, indeed.

The only valid reason, then, was "it seemed a good idea at the time". Malcolm was finding some of the Blogger operations a trifle crude and complicated. For one example, the interface defaulted to German for no obvious reason. And then the paste function does not seem to work when giving hyper-link short-cuts. Ughh.

The Wordpress interface, though more complex and even (at first flush) cruder still , seemed worth a bash.

Once up-and-running, it all provoked Malcolm into a re-think.

He wanted to continue his mutterings and maunderings, but in a more organised manner.

Moreover, after some eighteen months, he was no longer "revivus". Even Lazarus had to move on.

So, what seems to be happening is a division of topics. This one, via Blogger, will be more concerned with Global politics. Wordpress becomes the domestic site.

He's going to give it a try, anyway.

And the tag-line in the header?

For those who do not recognise it, that's a marvellous line given by Robert Graves to King Herod Agrippa, advising Clau-Clau-Claudius in I, Claudius.

With good reason, it survived into Jack Pulman's telly-script.

In passing, could Graves ever have imagined that his pot-boiler, plagiarised from Latin writers, to pay the bills for the Graves-Laura Riding ménage in Majorca, would one day be hailed as one of the Top 100 English-language novels? There's hope for all of us. Sphere: Related Content

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