Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dirty doings by local LibDims

Entrapment is a crime

That's the sign on the gate of the Hornsey Household Re-use and Recycling Centre.

And behind the sign there is a story.

The local LibDims are trying to pin a major malfeasance on the local Labour Council and its employees at the Centre.

The attack is two-pronged. On the one hand it is straight accusation: walking up, haranguing and alleging the staff are taking back-handers from depositors of commercial waste. Then comes the arrival of the local LibDim Councillor, who proceeds to try to corrupt the staff by "buying" a table "for his computer", and waving a five-pound note.

Nobody who knows and has seen the operations of LibDimmery at first hand will be unduly surprised by this. Were a police officer to attempt the same approaches, it would be beyond the Law, and a disciplinary offence. LibDims, of course, work to different standards.

When Malcolm was a Councillor, in the days when the diplodocus roamed the planet, such business was handled by other means. In the matter of trivialities, he would inform the Council's internal audit service (and sea-green incorruptible Borough Treasurers and their machinations were feared throughout the land). More serious matters involved laying evidence (even allegation) to the Police. Again, LibDims, of course, work to different standards. Sphere: Related Content


Anonymous said...

In my experience they're usually alright as individuals (Lib Dems that is) but put them together and something rather unpleasant happens.

Anonymous said...

This is despicable behaviour.

But predictable.

Could this be the same LibDem councillor who was last seen trying to eavesdrop on a Labour Party gathering in the Maynard, Park Road? Or does sneakiness come with the party label?

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