Sunday, November 4, 2007

Malcolm suggests...
It's the paperwork, stupid!

Last week there was a Democratic Presidential debate. As the way-out-in-front runner, Hillary Clinton was inevitably ambushed by all the other wannabes.

According to Matt Drudge, semen-stain-sniffer to the gentry, a major "issue" to emerge is the amount of paper held by the Clinton Presidential Library which had not yet been made public.

This amounts to 3,022,030 documents, plus emails, plus photgraphs. It seems that some 13,400 documents have already been released. Altogether, that is a total of 3,039,335 pieces of material.

Now, assuming that President Bill was on the job 24/7, and not forgetting a couple of leap-year days, that means the Clinton White House was producing documents, all relevant to Hillary's candidacy, at the rate of one every 43⅓ seconds. That's day-and-night, no holidays allowed, no sleep, no rest breaks, for eight solid years.

And, to read the shocked protests from Obama and co., they're all relevant, and they're all deserving, immediately, of public scrutiny.

Malcolm can hardly contain his enthusiasm; but he thinks he'll wait for the paperback to come out.

The good news is that Chris Cillizza is back to do a running election blog, The Fix, for the Washington Post. Sphere: Related Content

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