Friday, July 20, 2007

A very immodest confession

Now, look, says Malcolm, blushing fuschia to the hairline, I know it's expected of me, and all the other politicos (except the Boy David, of course) have come across and put their hands up. But, well, err....

Look, Malcolm, you haven't done it in years, have you?

Of course not.

So, just come out with it. You'll feel better, and we'll all understand.

Well, it was a long while ago. Very early sixties, you know.

Yes ....

Well, you see, ... we didn't.

What do you mean you didn't?

Well, it hadn't really started to happen in those days. It was the next generation that got into that whole thing.

You didn't? Not even once?

No ... sorry. I don't want to feel I've let everyone down.

That's all right, old man. We quite understand.

But I've used buses in Wood Green, you know. Stood in the bus shelters, waiting. Does that almost count?
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