Thursday, July 5, 2007

Success! He shoots! He scores!

Malcolm's cup runneth over. He is the Man!

Err, Malc. Any chance of letting the rest of us in on the triumph?

The New York Times,
now Malcolm's other journal of choice, has started a weekly quiz on its cityroom blog-page. Last week, Malcolm got five of the seven puzzles right, and so is this week's champion. O.K., O.K., he knows that being an occasional competitor (and, once, second runner-up) in the Prince of Wales, Highgate, pub quiz means he is nearly-Olympian standard, but ... come on!

Let it be known to the Kingdoms and beyond:
He won a free three-month membership to Times Select.
We say to Malcolm: remember thou art but mortal!
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1 comment:

yourcousin said...

"a London-based Brit"

So, you've gone native I see.

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