Sunday, May 16, 2010

Recipe for depression: number one

Now we enter the dog-eat-dog days.

The Tories are already digging out the Karl Rove troupes. Let's recall one of his greatest hits: the departing Clinton staffers vandalising the computers in the White House. Allegedly, they removed all the W keys. The truth was 62 missing keyboards: out of how many, please? How many has the average blogger trashed with a loose coffee cup? Rove's apparatchik proposed enormous damage. $20,000 covered the lot: keyboards, 26 missing cell phones, two cameras, ten antique doorknobs and several presidential medallions and office signs. Not bad wear-and-tear for eight years occupation.

Despite Rove's quick-to-the-press room allegations, the Government Accounting Office took thirty months to conclude ... not much had really happened.

Today, predictably, the Cameroons are played the same game. They have fed their tame mouth-piece, the Sunday Times with this:
David Cameron fury at Labour's 'scorched earth' debts

David Cameron readied Britain for deeper spending cuts and higher tax increases today, accusing Labour of making crazy spending decisions during its final period in office.

The new coalition Government will tomorrow call in independent auditors to establish the true scale of official debts, the Prime Minister said.
There's a good old Wobbly song, with a resounding chorus, which Malcolm will be singing repeatedly, each and every time he comes across one of these tawdry little turd-slingings.

It goes like this:
Put it on the ground,
Spread it all around,
Dig it with a hoe:
It'll make your flowers grow!
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