Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It'll come back to bite you ...

Malcolm admits his first reaction was a snort of amusement. There had to be someone with a wicked, warped, twisted, totally admirable sense of humour in the New York State prison service. The BBC website has this:
[Anyone interested will have to get the original via the hot-link just above. As Our American Counin, the estimable Zach, ponted out -- see comment below -- having a permanent loop is a pain in the arse. Normally, it hard work to install a BBC video-clip. This one went in like a greased eel. Too easily. Sorry, all.]
Prisoners in New York state high security jails are helping the community by raising puppies behind bars. The inmates are training the dogs for a number of law enforcement programmes ...So far, so chuckle-worthy. Almost apologetically the report adds that the incarcerated are not just compromising any easy return to their former careers:

The inmates are training the dogs for a number of law enforcement programmes, including bomb sniffing.

The Puppies Behind Bars scheme also provides animals to help soldiers who have been wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq.

When Malcolm went to the source of the story, he found that Puppies Behind Bars worthy of far more attention that the BBC's brief coverage (including the fetching images). Behind the scheme is an inspirational lady, Gloria Gilbert Stoga, and a serious narrative.

Worth the effort. Worth support.

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1 comment:

yourcousin said...

You should figure out how to turn the video off because everytime I visit here I have to scroll progressively farther down the page just to avoid a moralizing tale of cons giving something back to law enforcement (ie the video automatically plays everytime).

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