Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Have you kend your wee?

Let it not be said that Malcolm doesn't enjoy the Michelin website.

It is informative, and has a fair (though less than perfect) reference and mapping service.

Then there's stuff like this:Now, the OED recognises this as a nonce-word, a past-participle used as an adjective, meaning (for once the OED is succinct) "known", and "Sc." dialect at that. It cites Sir Richard Holland's The buke of the Howlat from around 1450:
Kyngis and patriarkis kend, with cardinalis hale.
So, don't harrumph about Malcolm failing to give full value. And be particularly careful where you stick your hyphen.

But what's a wee-kend? Sounds like the discovery of a wet nappy. Sphere: Related Content

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