Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The joys of Airport Extreme

Reconsidering that previous post caused Malcolm to review his own activities and practices:
  • He was sat, with iBook, in dining-room (front of the house).
  • Daughter three, with MacBook, was in kitchen (back of the house).
  • Daughter two, with MacBook, was in Yorkshire (two hundred miles away).
  • Daughter one, with MacBook Pro 17 inch (for which all others despise her, out of envy), was in from New Jersey, on couch in sitting room (back of house) and adjacent to:
  • Wife, with MacBook, at desk in sitting room.
All were communicating by broadband and wi-fi, using mac.com and me.com addresses.

So, rather than a shout from room to room (or even sitting in the same space), e-mails were winging from North London to Cupertino (or wherever) and back again.


And they said it would be television that killed the art of conversation. Sphere: Related Content

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