Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How they brought the good news
from CER
N to Aches
’Twas moonset at starting; but while we drew near
Lokeren, the cocks crew and twilight dawned clear;
At Boom, a great yellow star came out to see!
At Düffeld, ’twas morning as plain as could be;
And from Mecheln church-steeple we heard the half-chime,
So Joris broke silence with ‘Yet there is time!’
Thank you, Mr Browning: don't call us. We'll call you!

Malcolm's second thought was more impious:
I believe in the God particle, and the Higgs Boson mechanism, maker of heaven and earth, which was conceived by Englert and Brout, and born at CERN, was financed by the European Central Bank to the tune of £5 billion, underwritten by the poor suffering tax payers, liable to be crucified by the £5 billion debt underwritten by the European Central Bank ...
The Large Halidon Collider?

Malcolm hopes that, when they go back for the Family or Economic size, they wait until it's a special offer at Tesco. Sphere: Related Content

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