Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mind the Venetian Gap

Malcolm is, quite frankly, rather taken by Venice's new bridge, the Ponte di Calatrava, across the Grand Canal. Only the fourth crossing point, to Malcolm's eyes it appears at least as attractive as two of the others.

It will provide a much-needed link between the Santa Lucia railway station and the wasteland of the bus station at Piazzale Roma, rather than the hike via the Ponte degli Scalzi. Answer to any and every question prompted there: find the nearest ACTV landing point, buy a period ticket by inserting credit card into machine (say €31 -- €18 for a student -- for 3 days), and enjoy.

The bridge is two years behind schedule and considerably over budget. To add cross-braces, stairs were installed: thus causing problems for wheelchairs (all those other bridges in Venice, some centuries old, seem to overcome that problem). Inevitably, too, it is now embroiled in the alternative universe that is the political life of Italy.

For the truly bizarre, as the vaporetto trundles past Piazzale Rome (yes; do make sure your time includes the circular tour, no. 82 as Malcolm remembers, via the Canale della Giudecca, as well as the trip, no. 71 and 72, out to Murano), notice that you are passing L'Automobile Club Venezia. Think about it. Sphere: Related Content

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