Sunday, July 13, 2008

iPhone daze

Malcolm, a confirmed Macoholic, was astounded by the success of selling the 3G iPhone, complete with incomplete US coverage and a (reputed) 4-hour battery life. Take your charger to work.

He hears, by email, that there were dawn queues in London's Regent Street (despite the fact that the same product was available, queuelessly, at any O2 store). Even on Saturday, as his local informant witnessed, the Brent Cross store had a line outside (there was, again, no such line at the O2 store nearby).

Malcolm's own eyes saw the masses outside the AT&T stores in midtown Manhattan. Today, Sunday, the line outside the Fifth Avenue Apple cube zig-zagged three times the length of the block, then round the corner towards FAO Schwartz.

Appropriate that: toys for the boys.

Meanwhile, for the girls ...

Malcolm concludes that half-an-hour in said FAO Schwartz or half-that in the American Girl store a few blocks further down Fifth will neatly cancel out two generations of gender-equality education. Sphere: Related Content

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