Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Nich Starling (who only deserves a nod from Malcolm because of the Norfolk connection) buffs up Iain Dale (a.k.a. Distrusted of Tonbridge belles).

Iain Dale swiftly repays the compliment.

Curious symmetry.

log·roll·ing (lĂ´grlng, lg-) n.
  1. The exchanging of political favors, especially the trading of influence ...
  2. The exchanging of favors or praise, as among artists, critics, or academics.
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1 comment:

Norfolk Blogger said...

The reason I mentioned it in the first place is because I seem to have been the first person to ahve spotted Iain's new blog and because it is the number one political blog in the UK, this is significant.

He only returned the favour, as I see it, in order to prove that another blogger (Tim Ireland), who Iain has had various arguments with, was not able to ahve the exclusive that he claimed.

It all makes sense if you see the back story.

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