Saturday, January 27, 2007

Read, mark, and inwardly digest.

Malcolm has been busy of late ( is music to strip wallpaper by). He has not, however, been neglectful of his studies.

For instance, there was the curious posting from the curiously-taciturn yourcousin. Eighteen months, and not a single public utterance: what a waste of bandwidth.

So, for all the Hillary-phobes out there, here's a couple of quick tips:
  1. Learn how she spells her forename. There are over a million "hits" on to exhibit your carelessness or ignorance.
  2. Take the trouble to read the Economist's Lexington column. It is an exemplary statement of where Malcolm and his ilk stand.
Meanwhile, back to the "project". Sphere: Related Content


yourcousin said...

Well I suppose being a waste of bandwith is at least better than being a waste of space (though I would think not by much).

To be honest I only created a blog identity to comment on my cousin's blog, hence my moniker. I would link to his blog but limitations imposed by my own luddistic tendencies prevent me from doing so (ie I don't know how).

Also a comment on Hillary since it's been brought up. I don't like Hillary Clinton. I wouldn't classify myself as a member of right wing conspiracy nor the emerging "left wing fringe" that seeks to demonize her. I would classify myself as one of the many Americans who are sick to death of the prattle of politicians who will say and do anything to get/stay in power. On this I will at least give Hillary some respect, she is intelligent, articulate and fairly honest about being a political whore (used in a gender neutral sense reserved solely for politicians who are harder to pin down than a greased up hog).

I will acknowledge that if elected she would be the first woman president, but Margaret Thatcher was the first woman PM too wasn't she?

yourcousin said...

After revisiting my last comment I feel I should elaborate. The column in the Economist implies that most of the hatred directed towards Hillary is motivated by personal fears and a hatred of a woman breaking boundaries.

My dislike (no I don't hate her) stems from the fact that she has a fence post stuck permanently up her ass. I am in favor of poltical moderates. I don't feel that Hillary Clinton is a moderate so much as someone who will ride the wave of populism whichever way it is going. In this sense she very much reminds me of FF. I find her cuddling with Sam Walton in her earlier years extremely disturbing (now I do truly hate Wal Mart). I am wary of her pro-business stance (a concern I share about all Democrats) while expecting and usually receiving unrequited support from labor.

I will confess that slippery morals do make for good politicians though I feel that is exactly what got America into the spot we are in now. For years both parties were both viewed (in my humble opinion) as caring very little about anything but power. Look at the conservative revolution of '94. Instead of changing Washington and cutting the fat from government they bugled pork barrel poltics for own constitencies and enlarged government. I think this was how Bush came to power. People felt he actually stood for something. Admittedly it was an unabashed neo-con agenda but it was something (though, no I didn't vote for him either time).

I would like to think that the blue tide that has swept over America since the mid terms will bring real changes not only to our foreign policy but also to the way we do politics in general.

I would hope to see that we as Americans take a good hard look at where our country has been, is going and can right itself in time. If we do this I feel that we must confess that the problems did not begin in 2000. It is a problem that is not red or blue but truly all American. It is the idea that exporting McDonalds and Coke counts as progress or that capitalism as we know is the highest form of human evolution in regards to our economic/poltical systems.

Okay real quick mandatory disclaimer. No, I am not now nor have I ever been a member of the Communist Party. The only thing red about me is the back of my neck and yes I do drive a pick up truck and have a dog who rides in said pickup.

I wish that 2008 would truly bring a much needed "sea-change" to our American landscape. That is why I'm not enthusiastic about either Hillary or Obama. While they would breaking barriers in one sense of the word I don't feel they would really be that different in any other respect.

Two last points. Firstly in an unbashed plug for my own new blog which after quite some time I activated and will be blogging in the future. Secondly, Malcolm you can be rest assured that I am now and will contue to be a dedicated reader of your blog so keep up the good work.

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