Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Needing direction?

Malcolm was gruntled by the news of United States Congressman Lynn Westmoreland, a (goes without saying) Republican from Georgia.

The Honorable Mr Westmoreland tried four times last year to pass a bill to have the Ten Commandments exhibited in Congress. Presumably this would be to teach his colleagues right from wrong—particularly since so many have ethical problems.

Last June (and this shows how Malcolm keeps up with the news) Westmoreland was a guest on Comedy central's The Colbert Report. Yes—everyone sees it coming—he was asked to name the Ten. He got three. His pressman argued that Westmoreland actually got seven, but four got lost in the editing suite.

In Westmoreland's words, "The Ten Commandments is not a bad thing for people to understand and respect. If we were totally without them, we may lose our sense of direction." Hmm: is that a grammar problem as well? Sphere: Related Content

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